Sunday, June 5, 2016

Celebrate Gardening

Nature is at peace in my garden.

My meditation garden was created as a resting place to find peace and balance in my life. It was first designed on the site of a miniature house right before my daughter's prom. It has grown in its design over the years. 

This week between the professional development sessions I facilitated and life tasks, I found the time to work with my gardener/landscaper, Matt, on embellishing this site. My wish for various colored perennials that would co-exist in the garden space with the other foliage and flowering plants was realized by the end of the week. 

In between the inception of the idea and the final planting there were intermediary steps: speaking with Matt, visiting the local nursery with my husband, choosing around eleven plants that could work. Since I am only an amateur gardener, I needed to leave the real planning to Matt who knew which plants that I chose would be the ideal ones for the new design. 


Tonight, I celebrate the new layout, the beautiful perennials, and the peaceful spaces of blooming plants that were created around my house  (referred to as Carol's botanical garden). Not only do the gardens look beautiful but the chocolate mulch that covers them smells delicious.

I celebrate gardening tonight after having a wonderful spring evening dinner with friends on my patio overlooking my herb and meditation gardens. 

Balance (in my garden).png

In my garden area, I can distance myself from the chattering of the world and become mindful about life. I can slow down, listen, and just relax. My garden is my go to place to celebrate life. What is your favorite spot to relax in peace?

Please visit Ruth Ayres at Celebrate This Week, a place where weekly celebrations are posted by the blogging community. 

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