Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer's Relaxing Call

The sweet smell of summer lingers in the air on warm breezy days. Whether it is the fragrance of the flowers from the bushes or the salt of the sea air, summer is fresh, aromatic, and alluring. It calls me to relax and be recharged by its layback approach to life. 

Visualize a summer day at the Long Island south shore beach. A long stretch of walkway greets beachgoers as they travel down past the rows of lockers and cabanas to the shoreline. Reeds border the blue mesh boardwalk and pieces of driftwood lay in zig-zag patterns. The plover race overhead against a cloudless sky dipping and dancing while screeching out calls to each other. The breeze stretches out across the ocean's waves. No traces of humidity mar the beauty of the summer day. In a rush to avoid the heated sand, toes slip and slide walking from boardwalk to beach. Exhausting as it is to transverse the sand, the promise of what is to come joyfully awaits. 

Thinking back on yesterday's first trip to the beach makes me appreciate the area in which I live. Nature presented an amazing gift yesterday: a summer day with a slight breeze in the sky, and glistening diamonds forming in the surf. 

In retrospect, I linger in the peacefulness of the beach and how summer calls me to take part in the beauty. 

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