Tuesday, January 24, 2017

3 Words

In the dim light of the yoga studio, the gentle voice of the teacher opened the practice. The peaceful greeting set the tone. In the darkness three words fell upon my listening ears.


Tonight after moderating #NYEDChat, I reflect on the three words heard in the yoga studio. With #NYEDChat's topic of "New Directions" fresh on my mind, these words take on a new meaning. 

Within the studio, balance was sought. My balance may have been a little off but the knowledge that practice strengthens purpose pushed me beyond my comfort zone. During #NYEDChat, we discussed the idea of moving beyond the zone of comfort to inspire and impact the lives of our students. With passion, educators can bring accord and balance to the classroom

During the yoga class, gratitude was in my heart as we lifted thoughts of thankfulness for another person in need. Similarly during the Twitter chat tonight, I felt a feeling of gratitude for the collegiality emanating from the group. Within the framework of communities, we stand together in thoughts and actions.

Healing was a word that needed to be heard in the studio. Despite the discord and dissonance of the outside world, the yoga studio became a quiet, peaceful haven-a refuge where healing floated on gentle wings. 

In our classrooms and school buildings, students seek a place where the balance of a cohesive community allows voices to rise. Gratitude flows in a culture of trust in which acts of collaboration and kindness lead to healing. 

Just three little words heard during an opening greeting provided a message that reverberated over several days. I was fortunate to take away those words knowing that words are powerful and must be chosen carefully to convey a positive effect on others. 

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers so I offer my words to the blogging community with thanks to the participants of #NYEDChat who inspired me to remember that words matter. 

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