Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A New Year's to Remember

It's a new year and a new whirl through the pathways of life. While most people I know spent New Year's Day relaxing, I found myself in my dentist's office gripping my hands as I endured two hours of emergency dental work. 

Here's the playback on how I found myself in this predicament. After baking several desserts for the party my family and I were attending,  I sampled one of the cookies and immediately heard the following sounds: "Crack! Crackle! Drop." Running to the mirror, I found an odd sight: a large gapping hole in the front of my mouth. I started to get frazzled so I quickly dialed my dentist's emergency number. What I did not expect was to have a long distance east to west coast conversation but I listened carefully to what seemed to be an impossible quick fix. Remembering that my one word to guide my 2016 journey was believe, I put the dentist's plan in motion. Are you ready for his remedy?

"Buy a bottle of Krazy Glue and vaseline. Place the latter on my gum, add glue, and then, stick the false tooth back into my mouth."

Knowing that Krazy Glue adheres to skin, I tried to figure out how to carefully insert the false tooth without having my fingers stick to it or placing it lopsided back into my mouth. One hour to go before the party and I was still fiddling with the tooth. Finally, with strong belief that I could insert the tooth between my front teeth, I accomplished the task and left for the party 30 minutes late. 

What transpired was another crazy incident that probably was to be expected. As soon as I ate something my tooth fell out. Oops, remembering that I left the Krazy Glue at home, my husband flew out the door to the rescue. 

I guess you must be thinking that I solved my problem. Well, Krazy Glue was not my salvation. After three attempts to place the tooth back into my mouth, I decided it was not worth the bother so I went toothless. With family and friends like mine, the self-consciousness wore off and I felt comfortable but each photo taken I made sure that my lips were tight together. 

Today, I am tired from the New Year's experience, relieved that all is behind me for now, and believing that the new year will bring new direction if I remain positive. After all, I not only lived through most of this year with dental issues, but survived New Year's with a missing front tooth. 

Life sometimes throws curve balls 
but the game still goes on.


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