Saturday, January 21, 2017

Winter - A Celebration

Photo via under the Creative Commons license. 

"Winter is not a season, it's a celebration."
--Anamika Mishra

Wintertime brings to mind iconic images such as, colds, chicken soup, flannels, and snuggly quilts. While nursing an acute sinus infection these past two weeks, life slowed down. At first, I found it difficult to remain inside drinking soup, switching flannels, and trying out different spots to cuddle up in, but, in retrospect, it was precious time. I was able to recuperate while slowly tucking away Christmas decorations, reorganizing closets and drawers, and celebrating an unusual January winter with fluctuating temperatures, dustings of snow, gray skies, and intermittent rain.

So what does one do when not able to venture outside? I mustered enough energy to bring winter joy inside. With sparkling lights, winter greenery, and flickering candles I created an ambiance to nurture my spirits in what seemed to be endless, boring hours.

Now with one day left on antibiotics, I am starting to feel perkier so, I will continue my pursuit of finding joy in the commonplace marvels of life (hopefully not those that have to do with winter colds).

I am sure that you have experienced the doldrums of winter colds but have you switched the perspective to spend time celebrating?

Each weekend I reflect and celebrate life with Ruth Ayres who creates space for writers to Celebrate This Week with her. This weekend, Ruth posted a unique look at love. Perhaps, you would like to read Ruth's Love is an Apple Core by clicking here.

I invite everyone to look closely at each winter day to find wonder and beauty in nature. If interested, consider creating a digital composition for my latest global gallery of artistic expressions, Winter Wonder 17. You can access the official invitation here.

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