Saturday, January 28, 2017

Celebrating a Healthy Week

When writing colleague, Maria Caplan, commented on my Jan. 21st blog post, I knew that I needed a healthy week to follow two unhealthy ones. I said, "Enough with the winter illness and more of living the full winter experience outside" but this past week saw another trip to the ENT specialist. Maria's comment, "Here's to a healthier week," coupled with my last antibiotic should have been the antidote to will my acute sinus infection to a peaceful rest. But, alas, it was not. 

To try and be humorous, I wrote a post, Under the Weathercreated a digital to bring a touch of lightness to the three week ordeal, and found hashtags that made me laugh, #undertheweather, #sinusinfection, and #sinusitis.  

But never fear. I decided today to celebrate the start of a healthier week. I gave myself a mini-holiday: read the Poetry Friday posts, filled with 45 + powerful voices, that filtered into my blog site, and engaged in a restful experience, a pedicure/manicure. Under the weather was not a phrase I wanted to hear today.

Finally, to celebrate my return to the living, I opened the windows, despite the cold outside, and washed the sheets. I honored my mother's remedy for shooing away illness.

Oh, you sickness,
What a pest.
Your nasty germs
Created mess.

Amen. It's over (I hope). I am shooing away the germs and spraying the house with Lysol tomorrow morning because it is time to celebrate life with Ruth Ayres. Join me at Celebrate This Week, my place of solace to celebrate life with others who have a positive spirit.

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