Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tranquility Brings Joy

There is a certain hum to digital writing 
when darkness settles and the world is quiet. 
I hardly hear the touch tap of the keys 
as words strung together inspire messages.  
There is peace surrounding the process
when I'm alone creating and composing. 
I block out the day and fill the space 
with joy when digital pen meets screen. 

Tonight I send out a message of hope via my postcard poetry project.

In the midst of the chatter and dissonance of the world these days, 
postcard writing brings back the art of extending greetings to those far away.
May you find your writer's wings to soar through space. 

I share this writing with Two Writing Teachers for the weekly Slice of Life and with the slicers who are part of the #haikuforhealing writing community.

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