Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Capturing Thoughts

Lately, virtual spaces have given rise to poetic words, metaphorically clustering around timely topics. With a pen, stylus, or keyboard in hand, writers have gathered together to let their voices speak out. This past December, a digital gathering occurred that brought together many Poetry Friday writers for a specific purpose: to write under the hashtags #haikuforhealing and #commonplacemarvels, created by Mary Lee Hahn and Catherine Flynn. 

What started as a month-long venture has extended beyond December to become an outlet for feelings that capture small moments in time or daily observations about life. I have been one voice in a community of writers and have composed poetry and #imagepoems alongside community members while trying to sort out feelings amidst the world's chatter. In doing so, I searched for joy while all the time writers wrote, exchanged writings, commented, lifted lines, and added thoughts to haikus penned. 

In the quiet spaces of the "connected" writing world, life is still while the composition evolves. Then, the click, click, click of the digital process comes alive. An affirmative "Yes, We Can" hope to bring voice from quiet spaces to the surface becomes a commitment. Each penned word is selected carefully. Each haiku becomes a distinct song of hope, stretching voice across regions and linking all writers together. From these seeds of ideas, solidarity of action grows as writing becomes public.    

Last night, what has been acclaimed as a call to action occurred on national television. President Obama delivered his farewell address. I waited throughout the speech for his familiar slogan and then in the last minute, the words flowed. My thoughts followed and were digitized today.

It is with the belief in the yes we can spirit that I hope for a better tomorrow where possibilities exist and the human heart can continue to bring about change. 

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