Sunday, January 8, 2017


When Margaret Simon sent out an invitation to the DigiLit Sunday community to write on the topic, a plan, I turned to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for its definition. Of course, I know what a plan is but wanted some starting points. As the dictionary says, a plan is a method for achieving an end. My first thought is that I am often focused enough to carry out a plan but oftentimes I procrastinate or take on two plans in one day. 

I just paused after writing this because I hit on the reason why my plans take more time than I think they will to carry out.  I used to prize being a multi-tasker but I have been reading that this is not a good plan. Since it's the new year and I have a new word, joy, to guide me on my writing path, this post has my undivided attention. Have you ever been side-tracked when you start getting involved in a project?

To jump back on the path, I am going to backtrack and see what thoughts I scribbled down in the morning hours: focus - spontaneity - blogging - celebration - quiet joy. I wrote down these words while engaging in two chats (#HackLearning and #SpiritChat) and then, listening to the Epiphany homily. 

I know that I need a focus for the post so I will do some word weaving to develop the idea that has been evolving in my head. I see in my Tweetdeck user column that I posted the following response on #HackLearning to a question on why blog: "Blogging is like a heartbeat. It needs to occur. Why? It's a digital pen to our feelings and thoughts that brings life to our words." 

I know that I am focused but yet I enjoy being spontaneous. (The#SpiritChat conversation revolved around these two words.) Blogging can be a focused endeavor or a spontaneous reaction to a thought or event. It is an attempt to meander through my thoughts so I can hone in on a particular word that will lead me in a direction. There are many words that are spiraling in my heart now: snow, crystalline, glistening, joyful but there is also the reality that time and a throbbing cold headache are interfering.

Earlier in the day when I was ready to write, my plan was diverted. I was forced to nap due to a head cold. This is very unlike me but it was needed.

When awake, I relistened to the homily from the online Mass (the snow and my cold prevented me from leaving the house). Spontaneous thoughts evolved from what I heard and they merged into a poem for #haikuforhealing that is being led by Mary Lee Hahn. 

epiphany feast
fill your heart with quiet joy-
obstacles removed
©CV, 2017

Was this the piece that I started off writing? No it is not, but I do know that I set out with the intent to write a post and reach an ending thought. As part of the process, I removed obstacles to achieve my end.

Writing is a journey. It takes us on path that is similar to life. There may be detours, revelations, and stops along the way. We may reach a destination that is not our last stop and interact with others in ways that we may have not planned. This is true of writing. Life's road is endless and opportunities great, if we realize that we are humble travelers believing in the journey. 

"Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans."
Allen Saunders

On this Epiphany Day, I refer back to what the priest said, "Fill your heart with quiet joy!"

I set down my digital pen now to linger in quiet joy. 

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