Thursday, May 11, 2017

Remembering Yesterday

As Mother's Day approaches 
it is time to remember, pause,
and celebrate the yesterdays 
that brought us to today. 

Years ago, 
we came into the world.
It was because of you, 
dear mothers.
You sacrificed for us 
so we could become 
the adults we are today.

(Listen to Il Divo sing a song of praise)

It is time to
our long line of mothers
loved, wept, and nurtured us
so we could learn, be enriched,
practice kindness,
and reap
the rewards of life.
With hope in our hearts
we pass our love on
to those we love
so they grow to
transfer heartfelt love
to their children.
It is time to remember
hope for peaceful 
hearts of love
continue to grow.
Happy Mother's Day!
This week, I celebrate the mothers in my family 
and extend well wishes to friends.
I celebrate with Ruth Ayres 
at her space, Celebrate This Week.

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