Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Shower of Love

Bringing a Shower of Love
From My House to Yours

It came in with a roar 
that cracked the sky
but I did not hear it.
I was curled in my bed.
                                             Talk revolved around
 weather as day began
but I could only listen.
I didn't hear thunder roar.
Springsational Morning
True to prediction, sunshine followed. 
Long Island sparkled in daylight
as rainwater evaporated.
Spring came a calling.

Arrival of Guests
I marveled how nature popped.
Plantings sprouted.
Blessings poured down
as guests arrived.

It was a day to remember.
Everything was in order.
of life about to be born evolved.
©CV, 2017

Take a peek at the decorations.

More photos will follow.

This post is offered to Two Writing Teachers for the Slice of Life Tuesday.  

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