Thursday, May 18, 2017


Self-expression is an important aspect of who you are. It is the manner in which you present yourself. Have you ever thought how you would portray yourself? Would you draw, paint, illustrate, create a digital, or a hand-hewn expression of you in the limitless expanse of life? 

Last week, Brenda Davis Harsham created a self-portrait poem, Self-Portrait as Wildflower, mirrored on Irene Latham's amazing poem, Self-Portrait as Tangerine. I was so taken by their poems that wove words and visuals so beautifully that I have been reflecting on the form all week. Using Irene's and Brenda's poems as inspiration, I designed a poetic expression and digitized it to represent a side of me that has emerged over the years. Knowing that Irene and Brenda's poems are concise and metaphorically inspired, I humbly present my image poem. It is filled with flourish depicting the image that expresses the inner me. 

Self-Portrait as Calligraphy Pen

A self-portrait is an artistic expression of the inner you.  

"Calligraphy is an effective way to communicate a message in a beautiful way, and adding illustrations/embellishments only adds to the striking nature of the art piece."-Lindsey Bugbee 

                     Self-Portrait as Wildflower            Self-Portrait as Tangerine

This week, Poetry Friday is hosted by Kiesha Shephard at Whispers from the Ridge. Kiesha sent out a lovely invitation to remind us to stop by the Poetry Friday Round-up and asks us to think about the shape of our year so far and where we find joy in our daily routines? 

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