Tuesday, May 9, 2017

#StuVoice Rising

Within the community of a classroom, student voice is fostered. Through choice options, it amplifies its reach, moving all students to have a say, to reveal identities, and bring perspectives to the table of knowledge. How does #StuVoice take root?

It rises from corners-
sweeps through a room
spiraling in crescendos 
of energy and passion.

It claims its individuality-
links to another's thought
joining a collective chorus
of inspired thoughts.

It widens in its reach,
unfolding its intent-
promoting positivity as 
it connects to others.

During the #TWTBlob conversation on May 8th, educators discussed how best to keep learning going throughout the summer. As a proponent of student voice, I think that teachers who find their voice through the art of writing are more apt to encourage students to tap into their inner voice and let it fly.

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday and I am joining Two Writing Teachers to offer my slice and read the thoughts of colleagues.  


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