Monday, May 29, 2017


Oh, no, it's frozen!
The screen refuses to work.
I cringe at the thought 
a day's work vanished
with the slip of a finger.

That is what happened just now when I became frustrated with tech glitches. Exhausted, I am off to sleep to see if Wonderopolis can resurrect my Wonder Ground lesson plan on Memorial Day tomorrow. 

Remedy for Lost Computer Work:
Have sweet dreams about the sweets I made for the Memorial Day barbecue. 
Engage in deep breathing techniques practiced in yoga early this morning.
Remember, tomorrow is another day!

The click-click sound of the keyboard
breaks the silence.
Evening calls.
our fallen heroes,
for the stroke
of midnight
is about to chime.

Tuesday is the Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life. 


This may not be the slice of life I was planning to write about 
but it is the most important incident occurring before sleep.

Tomorrow, I will continue reading all the posts 
I have not been able to read this weekend
and hopefully have restored a day's work that vanished. 

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