Friday, May 26, 2017

Memory Lane

Sitting quietly reflecting on memories from my earliest years in education is a great way to wind down after a three day, out-of-town conferenceI am gratitude for the moments I remember and the friends I have. 

Walking Down Memory Lane

I do not remember days. 
I remember moments,
seasoned with life.
I paste these images
in corners of my mind,
ready to be resurrected.
©CV, 2017

While in Albany this past week, I connected with my friend, Joan. We reminisced about our early days as educators and toured past structures and settings from my graduate days at SUNY at Albany State. Then, off we went to visit Frank Hodge, a literary luminary well-known to members of New York State's Reading Association. Frank was my children's literature professor in graduate school. He nurtured my passion for teaching and my love of reading; chose Joan and I to be on the Albany Reading Council's Executive Board; brought us to reading conferences to broaden our perspective as educators. 

The visit we had with Frank at Teresian House was filled with memories of the past. We reminisced, laughed, listened to Frank talk of all the famous authors he knows, and promised to revisit him during my next trip to Albany. I left thinking that friendships are unique relationships to be cherished. Months or years may pass between visits but memories and friends remain constant. 

I walked down memory lane
where the past shaped the present
in a faithful album called LIFE.
©CV, 2017
We do not remember days; we remember moments.
-Cesare  Pavese, The Burning Brand
I walked down the memory lane this afternoon,
The streets have changed now after the storm;
the ruins and the residues are cleared...
But the madness in the air still remains;
Every path I took had the same old smell,
Everything once again seemed like those early youth days under the mellow sun, with you.” 
-Preetilata kumari
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