Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wonder Bundle

As a Wonder Lead Ambassador, I am in the process of creating a Wonder Bundle of five literacy learning experiences for teachers to use. This 3rd post, entitled, "Uninspired", provides ideas on how to help students find inspiration around them so that they are inspired to write and share their ideas with each other. 

I thank my colleague and friend, Holly Mueller, and her student Connor for providing mentor texts for this learning experience. Please click on the link below to see Wonder Bundle #3.

You can access the two other Wonder Bundles I created at:
  • Wonder Bundle #2, Choice Leads to Amplified Voice, can be found here.
  • Wonder Bundle #1, How Can You Make Earth a Better Place? is here and linked to Celebrating Earthhere
I am centering the learning experiences around the acts of noticing and wondering to inspire all to write from the heart. 



Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease. 

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