Friday, February 2, 2018

Poetry-Gentle Wonderings

"Poetry is the gentle wonderings of a world calling me to unravel its beauty in words." 

While most people do not think of residual snow patches as being visually appealing, I find beauty in their patterns. A poem rose from within the digitized design.

When art guides my thoughts, a path emergences. 

Thanks goes out to Laura Shovan for guiding the way to ekphrastic poetry writing based on a daily work of art. The writing community she created has grown this year. There are always surprises when being stimulated by prompts. For instance, I spent this week thinking about the warm-up exercise from the following artwork. I discarded several drafts and finally tonight I am ready to post my wonderings. My one word, hope, seems to find a way to sneak into my thoughts each day. 

The combination of art, technology, and language are igniters of wonder for me. As a trio, they spark my imagination and let poetry evolve as gentle wonderings. 

Today is Poetry Friday and before the clock strikes midnight, I am ready to send these poems into the universe. My writing colleague, Donna Smith is the host of Poetry Friday at Mainely Maine. She is doing double duty this week because yesterday she was hosting Spiritual Journey first Thursday of which I participate monthly. 

I am excited that additional poetry postcards have been arriving and that I sent out mine. Since I had implant surgery today, I will thank the poets who sent me poetry from the ekphrastic poetry in another post. 

I hope you have a chance to capture the gentle wonderings of winter for my winter gallery, Winter Wonderland

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