Sunday, February 18, 2018

Celebrate: Paint Your Life in Color

Within any given week, the cycle of life takes us through a maze of activities and thoughts. At the end of the week, we need time to slow down and reflect. The words we use convey what we feel. Today, I celebrate this past week through images and words inspired by life.

The week started with Valentine wishes. One little heart provided all around her with special smiles to lighten up a room. The grandbabysitting days in Virginia leading up to Valentine's Day were filled with memories to cherish. Upon return home, ekprastic poetry, writing to art prompts with Laura Shovan's writing community, was part of my daily practice. 

Humor counts.

For those who love cats, this one is an artist's dream.

While I am still experiencing winter cold, some of my friends are living winter warmth. From reality to art...

Are you thinking springtime? Then, this image poem is for you. 

To close the week, I embrace hope as more than my one word but as my fervent guide to living a life painted in color. 

I send my thoughts to the Celebrate This Week site hosted by Ruth Ayres.

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