Saturday, February 10, 2018

Celebrating Wondering and Writing

I spent this week at home recuperating from implant surgery and a nasty sinus infection. Since my voice was hoarse and sore, I was advised by the ENT to stay quiet. That seemed to suit my family just fine but I had a workshop on Tuesday so I had no choice but to rest before working with the high school teachers. My foggy brain had to rally so with hot tea, honey, my slide presentation, and five boxes of contemporary books compliments of Scholastic, I was off and ready. 

The wondering began at 3:00 pm on Tuesday. The teachers and I explored how to engage the high school students in deepening their awareness of argumentative writing. I was so thankful that I made it through the presentation without a coughing attack but then when I thought everyone left the room, the nagging cough started. Water poured from the corners of my eyes and nothing seemed to stop the flow. Little did I realize that there were two teachers in the room. They kindly asked if I was okay. Clearly, I wasn't. Was I more embarrassed or fearful that the coughing would not stop. I knew I needed to go home and rest so I packed up as quickly as I could and went to the follow-up meeting. 

Would you believe that it took me an entire day and a half to regain my voice? Within that time period, I challenged myself to write ekphrastic poetry for the 6th Annual February Daily Poem Project created by Laura Shovan. Each day, I noticed, wondered, and attempted to write to the daily prompts that centered on artwork in the home. Unfortunately, my foggy brain was affecting the way I wrote but thoughts of visiting my grandbaby for Valentine's Day kept me wondering and writing. 

Day 3 Ekphrastic Poetry

This weekend, I will read the poem above and the one below to my little grandbaby and see if she has a warm smile for me before she falls fast asleep. 

Thank you Ruth Ayres for providing the space at your site to Celebrate This Week each week. I am on my way to Virginia and will check in after this weekend to read the celebrations from friends. In the meantime, I hope everyone celebrates the small moments each day. 

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