Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"Appsmashing" Fun

"Winter is a season of recovery and preparation."
-Paul Theroux

Each day I try to notice and wonder more when I go outside but yesterday was a busy day. I spent most of it indoors preparing for a professional development workshop and later in the day working with my painter who is refreshing different rooms in my house. For a quick diversion,  I designed an indoor space to wonder about winter. 

How did I do that? Virtually, of course!

I took several steps and used my appsmashing abilities to carefully add layer upon layer to a Buncee Board on my computer. The outcome was the creation of an #imagepoem, a virtual winter day with dancing snowflakes. 

If you take a look at my animated Buncee you will see what I mean. You can find it here

In between work-related tasks, I had fun digitally designing. 
Would you like to take a look into my process? 

-First, I found a photo of clouds in Florida taken by my Twitter friend, Valerie Tilton. 
-Digitized it using PicMonkey
-Opened my Buncee dashboard and started creating: used the original photo of the clouds as my background; inserted my digital poem; added music; created a plaque greeting the snowy day; animated the image with falling snow.
-Traveled over to Wonderopolis and found Wonder of the Day #79 to add for content onto the Buncee platform. 
-Constantly reflected after viewing each part of the digital.
- Made changes.
-Published the Buncee.
-Sent the Buncee out to Facebook and Twitter for feedback.

Enjoying winter as a season of recovery and preparation, allowed me time to notice, wonder, and discover the magic of digital tools to enhance my indoor winter world.

Perhaps, you would like to have some digital fun like I did. You still have a couple of days to create your own digital inspiration for my Winter Wonderland Gallery of Artistic Expressions. The invitation and guidelines can be found here. Enjoy life today! I'm off to do so on this sunny winter day.

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers. I am joining them here.

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