Thursday, February 1, 2018

Celestial Convergence

He appointed the moon for seasons:

the sun knoweth his going down.

Psalm 104:19

Credit: "Rare 'super blue blood moon' dazzles sky gazers" by Zahid Mahmood, CNN

🌕 🌕 🌕

The moon plays a significant part in life. Not man-made but created from the Hand of the Divine, as is all of nature, the moon is a constant. It is a reminder that there is beauty and balance in the universe. 

Does the moon intrigue you? It constantly intrigues me. As a child, I looked up trying to find the stars, constellations, and always watched for the moon in its different phases. Still to this day, I am looking up gazing at the wonders above me. 

While I did not see the blue blood moon appear in the night sky this week, I watched ABC News with updates on the moon's journey across the states and and searched the internet to find what the blue blood moon looked like in my area. You can witness the happening in New York City here in a CNN video and within photos and tweets by photojournalist and photo editor, Gary Hershorn.

I could not resist a bit of listening pleasure so here is a rendition of Blue Moon.

From all of the above texts, I created a found poem

and a Buncee.

🌕 🌕 🌕

This month, Spiritual Journey first Thursday hosted by poet Donna Smith is centering thoughts around the blue moon, a phenomenon of nature. Donna asked the community of writers "to find a verse or passage, a snippet of something that mentions the moon and write to it." A padlet was established as the designated space for all to place their writings. Please join me at the padlet page.

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