Friday, February 9, 2018

Winter Poetry Postcards

When was the last time you wrote a postcard to a friend far away? The art of postcard writing, developed as a social practice, was popular in the Victorian era. With the new technology at the turn of the 20th century, highly decorative penny postcards were created. While the art of postcard writing has considerably diminished in popularity, Jone MacCulloch has brought back the practice among poet writers this winter. 

Poetry postcards of contemporary times are created digitally, often from original photographs or images collected to produce a visual design with a poem embedded over the images. These are sent at the beginning of the new year to writing colleagues in the Poetry Postcard exchange. Below are samples of my 2017 and 2018 postcards.

iridescent night
etched in brilliant jewels
hope sparkles

It is a wonderful feeling to send out poetry postcards in January but also exciting to receive them. Linda Mitchell was the first surprise mailing, followed by poetic messages of joy by Linda Baie, Diane Mayr, and Christie Wyman that arrived at my house. 

Mary Lee Hahn's postcard came in two mailings. The postcard below and a small, beautiful "Embrace Hope" pin to remind me of my one word. 

Michelle Kogan also sent me additional surprises beside the poetry postcard-a hope haiku and one of her inspirational cards to remind me that hope is an inspirational calling.


Kay McGriff wrote two poems. The second one is titled, A Writer's Blessing

A Writer's Blessing

May the muse rise up to greet you.
May your pen be always in your hand,
May ideas rise up from your heart,
And Words flow across your pages.
And until we read again,
May we hold each other close in our writer band. 

Donna Smith sent me an image poem embedded on the winter scene she sees from her front window, a Winter Wonderland Gallery offering. 

Shelley Wright reminds me that winter takes on a different look in California. 

Jone MacCulloch, the creator of the Winter Poetry Postcard exchange, rounded off my mail deliveries with a haiku.

My writer's band of friends has provided many special deliveries this winter and I am grateful for their inspired writings. I offer one last digital card created by appsmashing PicMonkey and Buncee. 

If you click on the white arrow circled in red on the image above, you can listen to my recording of information on the calling card.

Sally Murphy, my Aussie poet friend, is hosting Poetry Friday today. I am joining the Poetry Friday Roundup. Come with me to enjoy more poetry. 

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