Thursday, February 15, 2018

Words Carry Messages

Within our "writer band", we communicate powerfully through poetry. It is our bond, our vehicle that projects our feelings and voices out to the world.

This month our writing community, under the direction of Laura Shovan, has been writing ekphrastic poetry daily. Today's post is based on "Eclipse" by artist Colleen Sakurai submitted by Holly Thompson.

The above poem was written in response to Sakuri's corrugated artwork. Part II followed after my yoga class that began with breathing exercises that would focus us, quiet the mind, and bring fragmented thoughts together. The practice certainly helped but upon returning home, I turned on the midday news. I could not help but be saddened by the number of deaths and injuries related to the Parkland shooting. My thoughts started to race. Why are some students driven to violence? Why is there a rise of horrific happenings in today's public schools? 

I sat down to write to bring light to my fragmented thoughts. Some of the other writers in the community also decided to focus their attention on the sheer horror of rising student violence. 

For #ParklandStrong, I offer my thoughts and prayers. Change is needed but where do we begin to harness the power of hope? The #KindnessMatters initiative is a start but so much more is needed. What are important next steps?

In memory of those students and adults in the Parkland shooting:

Tonight, I am joining the Poetry Friday Round-up here. Jone MacCulloch is graciously hosting the round-up this week. She is also offering her students poetry postcard event. This marks the 10th annual poetry happening. 

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