Monday, April 3, 2023

Invitation to Springsations Gallery Vol. 2

In 2017, I was impassioned to write about the beauty of springtime when buds first sprout. I look back on a digital gallery of artistic expressions, Springsations, and remember strong sensations and gratefulness for springtime. Seven springs later, I once again feel the need to rediscover inner stirrings and welcome this season of renewal and hope. What better time to be grateful for Mother Earth than in April during  National Poetry Month

Each year, Spring arrives of its own accord, renewing the world as it bursts forth with color and joy. 


Join my Springsations Gallery of Artistic Expressions Vol. 2

You may be familiar with my Galleries of Artistic Expressions as a contributor and/or reader. They are museum-like showcases that blend poetry and art with technology to virtually present the wonders of nature in a poetic manner. Past galleries are filled with a multitude of strong voices writing with positivity.

Haiku #1 celebrates my one word "be", mindfulness, and self-care.
Haiku #2 centers on spring as a season of joy and renewal.

If interested, how do I participate?
  • Be in the moment. Find your creative spark.
  • Decide what your focus is based on the gallery title, Springsations.
Creativity Zone Activity: 
Student Participation:
  • Student voice would be an excellent addition to the gallery besides teacher, author, friend, and family voices.
  • Please make sure that a student offering or class offerings have the student(s) name(s) included.
Submission Deadline: April 30, 2023
Springtime is an inspiring time to energize your writing spirit as
optimistic troubadours of life.

(Image Poem blending digital art with poetry)

I hope you will consider this invitation to contribute one offering. I thank you in advance, for your interest in Springsation Gallery Vol. 2
Carol  Varsalona


  1. Thank you for inviting me to join your Springsation Gallery, Carol! It was sweet of you to think of me. I have added my image poem about hummingbirds. Thanks again dear friend! Kiesha