Friday, March 31, 2023

March Slices Create a Found Poem

Writing is a practice of the heart on a journey of self-discovery.
As William Wordsworth noted,
“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” 

During this month of March, I have written alongside the Two Writing Teachers community of reflective writers, read a variety of slices of life, and responded to many slicers. I visited with friends from the past and chatted with new slicers during the 16th  Annual March SOLSC! #SOL23 Writing Challenge. 

Indexing the SOLSC23! Journey

I have a quirky habit:
Very late night writing
While enjoying springtime
But I do ❤ slicing an idea like
Grandpa's birthday,
  • Shangri-La: a state of mind, and
  • March winds
  • Going rogue
  • Into the spring fog.
  • You may ask, What's in vogue?
  • A museum of happiness,
  • Hetk, a moment in time  or
  • Perhaps, a springtime pile of good things
  • Where everybody counts.
Pack your bags and go
  • To a slicer meet-up or
  • Slicer party #SOL23.
Packing dilemma? Maybe, but
  • Here are good thoughts for a wonderful Saturday.
  • March slices create a found poem, and
  • Pennsylvania welcomes tourists.
There are words to fall back on, such as
Internet bloops are annoying and
What Slicers Know!
While reading, enjoy a sweet treat
At It's Another Cookie Day slice.
Stay tuned=>
Beautiful change is coming
with springtime weather
and another National Poetry Month project.
©CVarsalona, 2023

  • The above index poem catalogs my past month of almost daily slices for the Two Writing Teachers 2023 Annual March Slice of Life Story Challenge. You can read any of the above titles in italics March slices found at my website, Beyond LiteracyLink.
  • What's Up Next?
  • Since writing is a journey of the mind and heart, I will continue to write poetry throughout April, National Poetry Month. Each creation will focus on capturing the "humanity of the moment" as stated by photographer Robert Frank. My one word for 2023 is "BE" so join me in a poetic endeavor that combines poetry and photography.
    • Two Writing Teachers Day 31 
    • 16th Annual #SOLSC! #SOL23


  1. Carol, as they say, better late than never. Do send some of that spring weather our way. All we’ve had all month is cold and snow and rain. There’s no sign of spring in sight.

  2. I love seeing the blog title and comment poems people offer. I am impressed with anyone who plans to write poetry all month long in April. I know that you will enjoy the playfulness and beauty of poetry writing. I will be happy to stick to Tuesday slicing for now.

  3. What a cool index poem, Carol. And, wow! What a lot of writing you've been doing. Congrats for keeping up with it all! Going straight from SOL to NPM is tough! You've got this!

  4. That's me above :>) Not sure why it didn't connect to my Google account as I requested!

  5. Carol, you are so creative...pretty neat poem about your month of writing! :) See you around the corner on Tuesdays.

  6. Carol, the found poem serves as a summary a well as an enticing table of contents beckoning others to read your celebratory Slices of Life. Moreover, it's a lovely measuring rod of writing progress - look at all that's been accomplished. I am ready for beautiful change - spring is blooming and birsing here, and I welcome time just to savor it!

  7. It's been a wonderful month of writing! I have created a new link-up that is nature inspired--Solace & Connection. It can be poems, prose, images, or anything you want to share about nature. I will post on Saturday to ease us into the solace of Sundays. The first post is live on my blog and I would love to have you join us.

    1. This is a lovely invitation, Leigh Anne, and your title of the project is inspiring. I am also planning an online celebration but more will come. See you at your blog.

  8. Carol, this is a great way to showcase your thoughts during the month. Your poems are seagulls of inspiration. I look forward to continuing SOL Tuesdays SJ Thursdays with you.

  9. Your index poem is a fun reflection on where your heart and head were at in March! "While reading, enjoy a sweet treat" - my favorite multitasking activity! :)