Thursday, October 22, 2015

Doubt Creeps In

Perhaps, doubt is one of the most menacing feelings to experience in life. It lives within, creeps into our being when we least expect it, and eats away at our positive spirit. Silently it partners with uncertainty and leads to self-doubt. We all have felt it move through the corridors of our being. If not squelched, doubt can lead to fear, mistrust, and questioning. If doubt becomes overwhelming, indecision can follow.

When faced with stressful decisions or situations, I like most people, tend to turn to doubt. I have experienced doubt at all stages of life. When in college, I considered going to graduate school for creative writing after being inspired by a professor who believed in me. Doubt crept in when I realized I needed to publish by the end of the program. Was I going to be able to do that? Were the words inside me potent enough? I was young and unsure of myself so I made the decision to take an alternate route. 

I have let faith guide me through life and whether that early decision was the right one or not, I have moved through the stages of adulthood with words in my heart and avenues to share them. 

Mary J. Blige traces her journey of perseverance and the negation of doubt in her song, Doubt.

Why are you troubled, and why do doubts arise in your hearts?
Luke 24:3 

On Monday, from within the confines of a menacing feeling of doubt, a poem and blog post grew leading me on. You can read that here. When doubt creeps in we need to let go and be guided by faith and belief in the possible.  

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