Thursday, October 1, 2015

Random Acts of Poetry Day

When the random acts' initiative started everyone was encouraged to spread good cheer with by performing random acts of kindness wherever possible. The movement spread and "Choosing Kind" became a familiar mantra. 

Choosing kind finds a home in a new campaign this coming week. Did you know that there is a Random Acts of Poetry Day? It is the first Wednesday in October every year. This year it falls on October 7, 2015. Why not take the time to engage in random acts of poetry in schools, homes, or in communities? Your part in the movement might bring joy into the lives of others and brighten their days. 

Tweetspeak Poetry is hosting the day. As it says, "Random Acts of Poetry Day is about painting poetry in the public square, either literally or figuratively." You can follow Tweetspeak Poetry on Twitter at @tspoetry and on instagram with tspoetry. If you want to share random acts of poetry with Tweetspeak you can use the hashtag #rapoetryday. People are already tweeting at #randomactsofpoetry.

On October 7th, let's celebrate poetry and send it out around the world through Twitter, chalking poetry on sidewalks, pinning a poem to a fence, storefront, subway station, or creating a travelogue of inspiration

  • Create handwritten poems, single digital inspirationsor poetry galleries as creative expressions to let the others see the power of language, the arts, and voice as expressive methods of communication.
  • Write Twitter poetry in 140 characters (referred to as twihaiku or micropoetry). "Each root of church yew/ reaches a skull:/ mistletoe/ for kissing above." Ian Dugih
  • Use picture prompts, such as nature photography, photographs of children involved with school activities, or artwork to pen a micropoem.

  • Design a poster to celebrate Random Acts of Poetry Day. See posters from Tweetspeak.


I will send this twihaiku in a digital format out to the Twittersphere.

A poster for Random Acts of Poetry Day

Will you join me in celebrating Random Acts of Poetry Day? Also if further inspired, join my creative challenge to find fall this season in your locale. Create a digital inspiration for Autumn's Palette Gallery that I am designing. Then, send it on to me. 

Please turn your attention now to the Poetry Friday Round-Up hosted by Heidi Mordhorst at my juicy little universe. Heidi is welcoming all to the diversiverse edition of Poetry Friday. 

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