Sunday, December 20, 2015

Celebrating Quiet Moments

This past week autumn's temperatures once again gave rise to elevated feelings of happiness and peace. Fall seemed to be hanging on to its last days of glory and I was drawn into its warmth and persistence as a season of brilliance. To celebrate good weather and happiness,  I took a detour from life's tasks. After a stressful bit of time in the dentist's chair, a midday walk was necessary to recharge my batteries. With a mouth numb from novocaine, I sauntered over to a favorite resting place to let my mind and spirit notice and wonder about life. 

Upon first glance, I found an interesting gathering of waterfowl meandering in the pond water as if they were finishing an important meeting. While I captured a celebration of nature, the words that were to validate my thoughts did not come as readily as I would have liked. After a couple days of drafts and revisions later, I decided that the digital composition below would represent what an autumn day between the seasons might offer. 

Perhaps you would like to take a short break from preparing for the holidays to reflect on autumn 2014's gallery of expressive thoughts. You can access that gallery here. Quiet midday moments often help me reframe my thoughts on life's daily tasks. I hope they do the same for you. 

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