Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NCTE 15 Snippets

Learning is a unique gift appreciated by those who recognize its value. 

While attending NCTE 15 this year the gift of learning unfolded as I listened and conversed with literary luminaries, authors, colleagues, publishers, and connected educators.

The aha moments outweighed the long travel time, overcrowded sessions, and packed exhibit hall. Meet-ups were filled with joy; photo ops were frequent and social gatherings memorable and fun-filled.

Not on one but many occasions did I find tweetable bites of knowledge tucked inside sessions, in hallway conversations, and at social gatherings. Through the theme, Responsibility, Creativity, and the Arts of Language, educators explored best practice to create authentic classrooms where students thrive, use their talents, explore learning, and become digital citizens and lifelong learners. 

From the opening addresses to the last sessions learning occurred, virtual friendships became face to face ones, colleagues connected, and moments were savored.

Snippets of Learning To Ponder:

We must also value students not only as future workers passing tests but also as complex people making personal connections, engaging ideas, making their ways through a multi-layered world that’s so imperfect and yet so ripe with potential. ~Douglas Hesse

From Diversity in Kidlit is More Thank a Trend:
  • Children should not feel invisible. ~Salina Yoon
  • Diversity is a powerful invitation into the center of the classroom. ~Matt de la Pena
  • We are three-dimensional, multi-faceted people and need to see identity in books. 
A poem is like a literate act of discovery. ~Taylor Mali

Use images to evoke questions that kids cannot resist answering. ~Harvey Daniels

Show me your thinking in a question. ~Sara Ahmed

Curiosity leads to questions and questions lead to actions. 

I arrived home from Minneapolis inspired by the learning and ready to share takeaways with colleagues and connected educators across the globe. This is my third post on NCTE 15. You can read the first one, Celebrating Professional Growthhere and the second one, NCTE Takeaways, here.

There are still many questions on how to propel learning to the next level. Through collaborate educational chats on Twitter, such as #NYEDChat, issues will continue to be explored. Questions will lead us all to sustainable action. 

Please visit Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers to hear how other slicers view their world this week. 

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