Friday, December 25, 2015

Ho Ho Ho

Now that Christmas is officially drawing to a close, there is time for reflection. The man in the red suit must have been quite warm last night as he busied himself for all his runs. 

While we have no children in the house now, Santa still makes his debut in the neighborhood the Sunday before Christmas flanked by many fire engines. On Christmas Eve, he is seen brining good cheer. 

Happy Holidays from my house to yours!

You can see many presents under my Christmas tree but one is missing. Since I had some computer problems this week, the Autumn's Palette Gallery that was scheduled to be unveiled tonight is delayed. It will be launched this weekend with good cheer as a gift of the season.

At Live Your Poem, Irene Latham is hosting Poetry Friday and recapping her 12 Days of Kindness. Please visit Irene's site to hear her deliver a Christmas Eve poem. 

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