Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Simple Reminder

It  seems to be at this time of year, I  am overwhelmed by the amount of tasks that it takes to bring me closer to the holidays. Hustle and bustle days only lead to the overdramatizing of what is necessary to be accomplished. Because I love the holidays, I overthink what needs to be done, instead of going with the flow. 

I am pleased to say that I did take the time to pause, notice, and converse with my husband about a simple beauty of nature that will become part of my Christmas edibles. The sight of the fresh pumpkin reminds me that conversations are important at this time of year. Holidays are times for laughter and cheer rather than the accomplishments of way too many tasks. 

A colleague, Anthony Davidson, sent out a simple message this morning that started me thinking about slowing down. 

Renewed in spirit to start a new day on a note of positivity, I write today alongside two communities that make the most of their days:

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