Monday, December 14, 2015

Lingering Autumn

Autumn does not want to leave Long Island but I hear the same from colleagues from here to Iowa. For today's poetry challenge, I am in the midst of designing my newest gallery of artistic expressions: Autumn's Palette. I am requesting an audience of listeners and doers to showcase the fall season.

Artists paint the world in color. 
Writers splash words across the page.
Dreamers spread dandelion wishes throughout nature.

Take up your pen and create alongside me as I welcome autumn into my collection of galleries of artistic expressions. If interested, artists, writers, poets, and dreamers send in your finest strokes to accompany the welcome sign below that will adorn the walls of Autumn's Palette

Requirements: A burst of color, hearts full of golden dreams, passion for life

If interested, please send sketches, drawings, photographs, poems, digital inspirations, poetry, or quotes today to cvarsalona at gmail dot com. 

While playing with words, take a stroll over to Mary Lee Hahn's Poetrepository to read the haikus that are being created.

Last year's Finding Fall Gallery can be accessed here.

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