Thursday, December 31, 2015

End-of-Year Reflection

As 2015 turns into 2016, there are a few hours left to slowly frame my thoughts. Inside, the quietude takes hold and circles the house. Sometimes, the alone space is unsettling. Today, it recognizes time standing still before the ball drops to herald in a new year. 

In my quiet space there are posts and poetry to read, cookies to bake, and silence to be broken as the family returns. For now, I sit back to lean in and listen to the stillness. I recall the drenching rain that pinged during the night and surreptitiously entered my dream space. I hear the low drone of the television and the furnace humming loudly. I immerse myself in the quiet, noticing all as I wonder.

I think deeply about my 2015 one little word listen that served me well. It provided companionship on days that needed such and supported me in ways to broaden my perspective. I found it lurking in corners of conversations, in social gatherings, and on reflective walks. I listened to hear a tiny voice inside rise to meet my pen. Some days words were woven easily and other days words were stuck but the act of listening provided me space to digest what was said when a response did not readily come. 

I refer now to what I penned on January 6, 2015 realizing that from one word others followed. Did I accomplish all that I sought? I think so but there are so many more words surfacing and roads to follow. Will I hear the sounds as I travel onward?

I write in silence before the New Year's Eve festivities begin, knowing that there are many across the globe also in their alone space doing the same. 

...and so readers, I end one year and approach a new one with eagerness to see what it brings.

If inclined, please join my fellow #NYEDChat moderators and me as we discuss the new year and new directions on January 4, 2016. 

This year's journey has led me to many connected moments with colleagues around the globe. Voice matters so I continue to reach out.

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