Sunday, December 6, 2015

Celebrating White Space

It seems that time is fleeting and passing me by these days. With the hustle and bustle of my recent traveling to a statewide conference, NCTE 15 in Minneapolis, and then off to central New York for Thanksgiving, I have not caught my breath. Autumn is still in my house and heart as I try to rotate decorations to signify the passage of time.

Wanting to take a quick break from the long tasks to do list, I  sit quietly to give thanks for family, friends, and life. Attending a funeral for a life cut short made me realize once again that life is fragile and uncertain. What is needed at this busy time of year is a spirit of thanksgiving to be present. I step back momentarily to remember that white space is essential to properly give thanks.

Because of the busyness of life, I have not been able to celebrate with Ruth Ayres' community at Celebrate This Week for a few weeks. I dedicate this post to Ruth and her community of friends who find the positives in each week of their lives. May all of you savor white space moments. 

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