Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Did you ever say to yourself, "I shouldn't do that" and then you went ahead and did what you thought you shouldn't? Well, that happened to me on Saturday night. It was family night. We gathered to watch a couple of back episodes of House of Cards. Everyone was comfortable and engrossed in the show. Then, I got a craving for something salty so I decided that a few pistachio nuts would satisfy my yen. 

Wrong Move!

Yes, I bit down and chipped my front tooth. Now remember this is Saturday night. Why would I think that my dentist would be free? Well, as you can imagine not only was my dentist not free but he and his partner were not available until Tuesday and I had a presentation on Monday. 

In the midst of frustration, I remembered that I had to remain positive. There was nothing I could do. Afterall on Friday at another presentation, my face flooded with tears from a strange allergic reaction. In times of stress, turn to humor I thought, so I made light of the situation that seemed to continue for an interminably long time. I survived. 

Didn't Shakespeare say, "Vanity, thy name is woman?" 

The weekend passed without another incident and at times it seemed like my chipped tooth was a figment of my imagination. Not true, but on Monday with a somewhat carefree spirit about my chipped tooth I went off to my presentation. Positivity worked. I felt positive and disspelled any notions that imperfect was not good enough.

Thought to carry into tomorrow:

A chipped tooth is mendable. A positive attitude pushes away the realities of life that sometimes break down the walls of confidence. Remembering that a chip is not comparable to a broken spirit or an unbalanced life, I will keep all in perspective and celebrate life each day.
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