Monday, April 18, 2016

Notice, Wander, Wonder

The past two days have been filled with sunshine and warm weather. Spring is full of life and April is becoming more poetrylicious each day. Poems are popping up all over. To celebrate the power of April joy during National Poetry Month I created a little ditty tune to keep everything lively around me.

During springtime, it is time to notice, wander, and wonder about our blossoming surroundings. At the nature preserve, my walk uphill led me to a huge grouping of reeds, swaying in the breeze.  I felt a dance-like quality to their movement and clicked the camera to capture the stilled quiet of the preserve. An image poem emerged.

The reeds were majestic in stature. They stood tall as guardians of the land. Thinking of their ethereal beauty, I created another poem, a cinquain, to describe what I saw on that April day. 

xanthous perennials
guarding, standing, swaying
slender, graceful grassy beauties

I noticed, wrote, and filled my office with poetry. Now I am sharing my notice poems with the hashtag #NoticePoems created by Holly Thompson. Will you notice more of your surroundings to create poetry? If so, I am designing a new spring gallery called Spring's Seeds. The invitation will be sent out via social media soon. In the meantime, you can view last spring's global gallery of artistic expressions, Spring's Symphony, here and last season's gallery, Winter Wanderings, here

It's Tuesday and time to visit Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers. Please join me to read the various slices from educators around the globe. 

Slice of Life

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