Thursday, April 14, 2016


The joy of Easter has brought renewed spirits despite the cool temperatures of this spring. I, along with others, await the full warmth of springtime as the earth readies itself with new buds trying to pop their blooms each new day. 

Be renewed in the spirit of the earth and of the heart.

Renewal is a message for both the temporal and spiritual worlds. On a night filled with the beauty of a crescent moon, St. Agnes Cathedral opened its doors for a Special Easter Mission, Renewed Church, Renewed Hearts In The Year of Mercy. When I saw the announcement of this event, I knew that I had to attend with my husband and son for a family friend and powerful speaker, Bishop Robert Brennan, was to lead the Tuesday night mission. 

As Bishop Brennan addressed the parishioners asking all to share in the power of the altar, a peace entered the beautifully reconstructed cathedral. His reflection began with gratitude for the renewed beauty of this church that had been his home for many years. He asked us to ponder what we are grateful for. I remembered a day that I was grateful for, the day Bishop Brennan as a newly named Auxiliary Bishop married my daughter and son-in-law. After this brief reflective thought, I returned to carefully listening to the Bishop's words filled with a mix of scripture, poetry, and inspiration. This led me to select some of the Bishop's words to remix into my own poem.  


Be transformed,
not in motion only.
Give from the heart.
at the table of
God's family-
the Altar.
Partake of the
food for the 
For life within,
come to the 
table of joy.
Be restored.
Be renewed.

©CVarsalona, 2016 

You may be interested in listening to the beautiful song, Renew Me by Avalon.

Isaiah 40:30-31

Spiritual Journey Thursday
Today is Spiritual Journey Thursday and I was moved to write this piece on a mission message and ceremony that touched my spirit. In the quiet of the church, as the incense rose, all on bended knees felt moved. May you be moved as well and be grateful for all you have. Please visit Spiritual Journey Thursday led by Holly Mueller here

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