Saturday, April 2, 2016

Gallery of Winter Wanderings Unveiled

A few months ago when Winter arrived on the East Coast of the United States, she garbed herself in dramatic grey and white hues while introducing her bright floral line in other locales.  Being the diva that she is, Winter took center stage on the runway many a time. Today, she is making a comeback as the premier model in my exclusive gallery of artistic expressions, Winter Wanderings.

Take a front seat to view the runway show with amazing sounds and sights from Lady Winter's couture seasonal line. Here, global writers and colleagues offer digital tributes to a surprising season of fluctuating temperatures, battering blizzards, splashing rains, and marshmallow-flavored days. Are you ready to be captivated by the spirit of one grand fashionista?

Let's start the gallery walk by listening to the gentle music of George Winston.  

At NCTE 15 on a cold afternoon in Minneapolis, national consultant and writer, Lester Laminack, fashioned the title Winter Wanderings. Writers from across the globe came together to showcase their photographs and poetic thoughts in various shades of digital designs for Lady Winter's tribute collection.  

Please enter the gallery and enjoy the show.


Here is a surprise ornament for Lady Winter's collection from J. Patrick Lewis, the former U.S. Children's Poet Laureate (2011-13).

Perhaps it could be said that written poetry is simply a way of revealing and celebrating the essentially poetic nature of the world itself."  
from Lee Bennett Hopkins, NCTE Profile of Valerie Worth
submitted by Michelle H. Barnes

A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything.  ~Ali Edwards 
Submitted by Tammy and Clare from Teachers for Teachers

In January, one little words were chosen to guide writers' journeys.
Lynzee, Elementary Student, Louisiana
Madison, Elementary Student, Louisiana
Lady Winter's styles were seen from coast to coast and across the seas.

Snowfall became the gentle reminder that winter arrived in blushing white style.

Be dazzled by the photographs shot around the world. 
These images capture the exquisite beauty of the past season.
Photographers are credited at the end of the 2 1/2 minute short video.

Across the Universe song  offered by Sean Gaillard
for the Photo Corner.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.
~Robert Frost, submitted by Joy Acey

Winter animals are intriguing to watch as they busy themselves or not.
Lady Winter's blizzards dosed the earth with mounds of soft marshmallow-like designs.

As the snow fell softly upon the earth, inspiration filled the air.
Drum Roll please - Songs to applaud Winter
Offered by Jama Rattigan
Offered by Tabatha Yeatts

Lady Winter bid earth her goodbys for a brief interlude and
then came back for another round because parting was such sweet sorrow. 
What did most folks say in response?

I extend my thanks to all of the contributors to Winter Wanderings for their perspectives on the versatility of the winter season.

Gallery visitors, thank you for sharing reflective time with the Winter Wanderings' community of writers. Please leave a response in the comment section or at #WinterWanderings and @cvarsalona on Twitter to recognize the efforts of the gallery contributors. This gesture of community spirit is appreciated.

You can visit the previous eight Reflect With Me Galleries at the following links.

It has been a pleasure to present the stylistic designs of Lady Winter's seasonal line through a poetic lens. Now that the runway show of this collection has come to a close, please remember that within the depths of the soul creativity lives.

Writers write, artists create, and photographers capture images
to allow voice to rise.   

Please join me during the month of April as I engage in "poetryliscious" writing and conversations. You can find more information here

In addition, an invitation to my upcoming creative project, Spring's Seeds, the tenth gallery of artistic expressions, will be sent out soon. 

Let's plant seeds of inspiration to grow poetry love across the globe during National Poetry Month.


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