Friday, April 1, 2016

Poetryliscious Annoucements

It's April Fool's Day but I am not going to fool anyone (unless you think my spelling of poetryliscious is a joke. Since poetrylicious is a word used to describe a delectable poetic experience, I tried a different spelling when I went to a site allows you to create a word.) 

Without further ado, let me offer you a poem about All Fool's Day because today starts the 2016 National Poetry Month.

As for pure merriment, I hope to spread springtime joy throughout this month with poetryliscious celebrations. To ready myself for another writing event, I started a new journal so I can work with two platforms, nondigital and digital. 

The power of poetry lies with the voice
that rises from (inside) within, 
merges with the pen, 
and connects with life.
©CVarsalona, 2016 

Announcement #1:
There will be an abundance of poetry challenges this month at other sites. I hope to add some poems but am not committing to daily challenges. I am taking a leap of faith and contributing to the 2016 Progressive Poem organized by Irene Latham. I will be adding my line to the poem on April 6th. Wish me luck with word weaving from Day 5's entry. The first line of the poem starts at Laura Purdie Salas' blog, Writing the Word for Kids.
Announcement #2:
I am almost finished with my ninth gallery and hope to unveil Winter Wanderings later today. Below you will find the names of the 2015 Reflect With Me Galleries. Stay tuned because I will be sending out the link to Winter Wanderings soon. 

Announcement #3:
My Twitter colleague, Jerry Blumengarten, send me a tweet tonight to let me know that he has a link to my April Awakenings Gallery at his site.

Announcement #4:
I would cordially like to invite all poetry lovers to join me as I moderate #NYEDChat on April 11th from 8:00 to 9:00pm EST on Twitter for a poetrylicious  creative chat (back to the traditional way of spelling poetrylicious).

Announcement #5:
The wheels are spinning in my head for my next gallery of artistic expressions. More will follow but I wanted to let everyone know that the title of the gallery is Spring's Seeds. More details will follow in an invitation to write, photograph nature, and/or submit a quote or song. Student voice is also welcomed. The deadline for submission is the end of May. 

I look forward to enjoying many poetic moments with everyone this month. 

Please visit The Poem Farm where Amy Ludwig VanDerwater is hosting Poetry Friday. Today she begins her 2016 Wallow in Wonder project for the 2016 National Poetry Month project by writing a poem from each daily wonder at Wonderopolis

Voice is our unique identity in the world.
Let's all share the voices that are within.

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