Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Have you ever sought comfort in the darkness? When darkness covers the earth, we can listen to its evening sounds. There you can find peace in the silence as the sky shows its last rays of light and night settles across the land. 

While creating my poem of the day for National Poetry Month, I decided on writing a blackout poem using a popular song from the past, Sound of Silence, as the spark. 

The image below was captured during a winter evening in New York State and digitalized 
for the blackout poem's visual. 

Darkness, I've come
to talk with you.
Within the silence,
I listen,
sharing sounds 
I know.
Silence G R O W S.
Hear my words.
Like silent raindrops fall
                                                                                        they form - are written.

My twitter/writing colleague, Kevin Hodgson, created a blackout poem today also. Please take a look here because Kevin used an interactive site that you may be interested in searching. 

Are you interested in learning more about blackout poems? You can read a quick summary with procedural steps here

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