Saturday, April 2, 2016

Celebrating the Poetryliscious Side of Life

I am on blooper alert today. Over a month ago, I decided to try out a new word: poetryliscious, an unconventional way of spelling poetrylicious, to add some variety to my writing. I even created a definition to accompany it.  (This is not an April Fool's bloop.)

When I publicized the upcoming #NYEDChat conversation on National Poetry Month I flip-flopped back to the traditional spelling. Isn't that a writer's prerogative? At any rate, please join other poets, writers, bloggers, educators, and me for a lively and creative chat on April 11, 2016. This is all you have to do: go to at 8 pm EST and type in the hashtag #NYEDChat. I will be moderating so you can say hello to me, just listen to the conversation (that is called lurking and learning), or can join in. I am inviting any poets and writers who are interested in joining in as co-moderators. My colleague and fellow Wonder Lead Ambassador, Paul W. Hankins, has already agreed to be a co-moderator. 

Please join #WonderChat hosted by @Wonderopolis on April 4th. 

Since today kicks off National Poetry Month, I am "all about" celebrating poetically. Are you ready to join in the fun? Take out your notebooks, journals, or digital tools and let's create together. 

Now it's your turn to create a quick little poem or poetic thought that could accompany this photo. Here is the backstory: I composed this digital composition because time constraints and deadlines are on my mind but I know that I need creative breaks. Little spurts of creativity spur me on to meet the commitments I have. 

Have fun. You can send your thoughts to me at cvarsalona at gmail, in the comments' section below, or you can use #SpringsSeeds, the new hashtag I created for my new gallery that will air on social media at the beginning of June. 

Oh, one last thought: I am unveiling my winter gallery, Winter Wanderings, today.  I will send the link to #celebratelu.

Please visit Ruth Ayres Celebrate This Week to read what each member of the blogging community is celebrating.

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