Thursday, July 14, 2016

Slowing Down

Fireflies, summer's magical fairies, are flitting to and fro on humid, summer evenings here on Long Island. I notice their quick bursts of lights blinking in the darkness reminding me of children in search of wonder. Like the children catching fireflies, I search for wonder and notice that is all around me. 

For the first Poem Swap created by Tabitha Yeatts, Jone MacCulloch shares some of her creative spirit with me as she reminds me that summer is a time to slow down. I am definitely in the mood for that, especially since my house has been a revolving door of service repair people and contractors.

Thank you, Jone, for the poetry postcard that combines your artistic talents and graces my desk area. Your words provide me with much to ponder during the hot, humid summer of 2016.

Poetic voice is present in nature, the seasons, and within our hearts. I wait for each evening that the fireflies light up the darkness.

For all my poetry friends, I thank you for continuing to inspire me to wonder. Spring's Seeds Gallery has been released. You can access it here. I am already envisioning my new seasonal venture, Summerscapes, and hope you join me in search of relaxing summer moments to slow down time. 

Now, it is time to visit my poet friend, Mary Lee Hahn at a Year of Reading to catch up on all of the Poetry Friday postings. Please join me.


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