Friday, July 8, 2016

Spring's Seeds Gallery Unveiled

As a troubadour of life's whisperings,  
I open the door to Spring's Seeds, 
the gallery of artistic expressions 
that speaks of the wonders of nature in springtime.

While the heat of the summer is upon us, step back to springtime and savor the varying landscapes that decorated the world with radiance.

Every spring is the only spring -
a perpetual astonishment
- Ellis Peters 

I invite you to stroll through the gallery, immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of the season. Awaken your senses as you peruse each creative, digital image poem, inspirational quote, and tranquil musical interlude. Poetic perspectives of spring are exemplified in well-crafted words and mood-inspired photographs from around the globe. 

As a confirmed wonderologist, I encourage you to notice and wonder the many sides of springtime along with me. Be filled with the representations of life as they remind you of nature's gift of new life. Spring's Seeds Gallery with its digital blossoms awaits you. 

Digital voice matters so please enjoy your tranquil journey back into springtime.

Vivaldi's "Spring" ushers in the gallery.
The day is fresh-washed and fair, 
and there is a smell of tulips and narcissus in the air. 
~Amy Lowell

Spring has returned. 
The earth is like a child that knows poems.
~Rainer Maria Rilke submitted by Diane Mayr

A rain kissed tulip 
Greets spring's cooler weather. 
Happy for its return. 
~Ramona Benchke

Please click here to see video created by the class.

Birds greet spring days with melodious chirping.

Zen gardens fill the air with their own tunes. 
Listen to the music as you stroll through the gallery.

e.e. cummings' "In Just Spring" was 
the model for the above poem
You can hear Cummings reading his poem here
A special repeat showcasing of the
"Thoughts Take Flight"
Created by Irene Latham and 
written by 30 Poetry Friday poets
"Behold, Spring is but a dance away!"
I grasp my pen, then capture this day."
You can access the poem in its entirety here.

Pause here to listen to the Mikado's song, 
"The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring," 
while viewing the digital blooms. 

To honor the global contributions to the gallery, 
please pause to listen here to Errach.
"This song is original music put to an Old Irish verse poem concerning the season of Spring." 

Digipoetry and inspirations from around the world

Photo Corner
 Please view Spring's Seeds Gallery Photolog here.

Nature is at peace in my garden.
I often wake to morning speaking softly 
of spring days. I hear my garden whispering:
"As spring flowers bloom, digital blossoms shall grow."
Balance (in my garden).png
The fattest and most scrumptious of all flowers, 
a rare fusion of fluff and majesty,
 the peony is now coming into bloom.
–Henry Mitchell, American writer

Spring inspires!

Chopin's Spring Waltz is an inspiring accompaniment to the gallery. Listen here.


Spring Renews Life!

Spring reminds us to slow down and 
savor all the world has to offer.
Spring brings outdoors inside!
Each day I am reminded to notice life 
as it spreads its seeds of inspiration.

Spring Invites Reading Time!
Gallery visitors, thank you for sharing reflective time with the Spring's Seeds Gallery community. I would appreciate it if you would leave a response in the comment section or at #SpringsSeeds and @cvarsalona on Twitter to recognize the efforts of the gallery contributors who are listed below:
...To know someone who thinks & feels with us, & who, though distant. is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and submitted by Tabatha Yeatts

You can visit the previous 9 galleries by clicking on each link below: 
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April AwakeningsReflect With Me: Bring a Community of Writers Together to Celebrate Life & Teaching.

It has been a delightful experience to present global perspective of spring through a poetic lens. Spring has washed the world with color this past season and spread its seeds of inspiration.

Thank you to Jackie Yun for her reflection on 
the various galleries created.

While it is summer, the sun is setting on a cool, spring-like day here in Boston where I am presenting at #edcampliteracy and #ILA16. I am reminded tonight that seasons reflect the beauty of the earth in our surroundings. 
May Spring's seeds spread their wonders 
throughout your summer days. 
I am am grateful for the Poetry Friday community for always supporting my efforts to spread the wonder of poetry and the power of voice throughout the year.
Katie at The Logonauts is hosting 
Poetry Friday Roundup here this week.

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