Monday, July 25, 2016

Celebrating Summerscapes

When I was a child, I remember chasing summer days with passion. Whether it was playing stone teacher with friends, taking a walk to the neighborhood grocery store to buy a popsicle, capturing fireflies, or visiting my Nonnie, life was full of enjoyment. Summertime seemed endless then.

What if we could re-capture our childhood passion for savoring summer days?
If so, would we be able to enjoy life to a fuller extent?

Ingredients to celebrate summerscape moments, time to savor life's precious offerings: 
  • Slow down
  • Be creative with your time
  • Take a walk
  • Go on a mini-cation to a local spot you have not visited before
  • Notice the beauty that surrounds you
  • Wonder 
  • Celebrate the positives with family and friends
Summer in the Northeast is not an endless one.
It can be enjoyed fully with ingenuity and positivity!
I captured a summerscape moment when my family traveled to the Jersey Shore for a fremily wedding weekend. 
The heat may have been oppressive but the pleasure of being with family and friends allowed me to savor each event.
Are you ready to slow down to celebrate life? 
Consider adding your special summer moment to my newest global gallery of artistic expressions, Summerscapes. The invitation is here.

Since I was celebrating last weekend, I missed posting at Ruth Ayres' Celebrate This Week site. This tribute to summerscape moments is my addition. 

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