Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The American Spirit

During the Fourth of July Weekend in Patriotic Style

Filled with the spirit of freedom and the opportunities it brings, I woke this weekend with the desire to CELEBRATE in patriotic fashion. Flashbacks of years past with fremily spurred me on. Baking ware came out, as did my secret ingredient, orange rinds. The kitchen started to have that creative chaos look that allows a little of this and a little of that blended together into new tasty items.

As I baked, I thought of the hands that came before me-those that folded dough with ease. I thought of the delicacies that were created to bring oohs and aahs from guests. I baked with happy memories, giving thanks that I came from a line of bakers who were inspired to hone their craft with each new design. I baked in peace, happy to create, and excited to share my newest baked items centered around the theme, the American dream. 

In my family, the American dream started with my grandmother coming to America as an immigrant. She brought with her a baby and a desire to live in freedom with her husband who immigrated previously to find a home for his family. The American dream continued with my mother growing up learning the arts at the hands of my grandmother. Her dream of becoming a fashion designer in New York City was realized for a short time before World War II started and then deferred when she needed to return home to Rome, New York to help support the family. I loved hearing the stories growing up. I watched, listened, and learned alongside these strong women who had "big" dreams for their family. 

Now, I think back, realizing that the American spirit has lived in my heart since a child. I understand what it means to have a dream because of my heritage. Perhaps, thoughts about the American spirit are best exemplified in Gloria Estefan's powerful song. 

American ideals and aspirations have been realized throughout the years by those who have come before us. It is my dream that my children will shape their future based on our family members who embodied the American spirit. 

I honor my past by sharing my creations, 
knowing that my grandmother and mother would be proud.

Fourth of July is the perfect day to be filled with thanks for what we have.

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