Friday, July 29, 2016

Poem Swap 2016

Summertime is our time to follow our passion, recharge, and relax. Poem swapping is one activity that I have been involved with for two summers now. There is an element of creativity and anticipation each time a swap approaches. Swappers send an original poem to a person in the writing community via Tabatha Yeatts, the originator of the Summer Poem Swap.  Poem swapping allows me to be taken back to a quieter time in America when postcard writing was the norm.

Poem Swap #1 was sent to me by a writing colleague, Jone MacCulloch early this summer. After Jone visited Yellowstone National Park she sent me another surprise. Inside the package was a postcard that read: "I got  home from this gorgeous place. Felt inspired to create little journals to tend to poetry swappers. Enjoy." Thank you, Jone, for the inspirational quote and petite notebook beside the summer postcard poem that can be found here.

An intriguing POEM SWAP #5 package arrived on July 20, 2016 from my poet friend, Keri Lewis. I sent this tweet back to her with a hug. 

While I am tempted to open the package, I tweeted this to Keri, "I'll play by the rules, Keri, until August 22nd."

Then, Poem Swap #3's package arrived before I left for a beautiful "summerscape" weekend celebrating a family friend's wedding at the Jersey Shore. My Twitter friend and poet, Linda Baie, filled the envelope with many pieces to read. It was like Christmas in July this month. Linda wrote a beautiful summer poem using the Etheree poetic format. The Etheree consists of 10 lines of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 syllables.

Whose POV?

Cry to be
Pink, cerise, orange,
Spring cycles summer bright;
Rainbow-swathed gardens invite
Bees, butterflies, ladybirds, worms
To add their part to this growing crowd.
Boastful humans write poems of their feat.
©Linda Baie, 2016

Beside the poem, Linda sent me a precious, little book that is over 100 years old (see above).The book celebrates poetry, florals, life, nature, and faith. As Linda said, it reminded her of my galleries (the invitation to #Summerscapes can be accessed here). I thank Linda today for her thoughtful collection of poetry that she sent me. Little did she know that I have a collection of books dating back to the Victorian era that I purchased from one family's collection along with a beautifully carved, rosewood couch from the 1850's. 

When I returned from the Jersey Shore, I sent off my Poem Swap #3 to my colleague, friend, and writer, Margaret Simon. It was a humble attempt at a riddle poem inspired by the intense heat. After that, I found a poetry prompt on Margaret's Instagram site that intrigued me, so I composed this while thinking about my journey into digital writing.

Reflection in Pink
journey to restful
pleasures deep in the forest-
which way to turn
©CV, 2016

Now please join my friend Margaret Simon who is hosting Poetry Friday this week at Reflections on the Teche.

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