Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Slicing from #ILA16

This summer, Boston hosted #ILA16. I eagerly traveled with my husband and son to the first "big" city I lived near during my early years of college. I looked forward to walking the cobble-stoned streets and seeing the beautiful old structures once again. 

In between being inspired by literary luminaries, meeting authors, presenting at #EdCampLiteracy and #ILA16, and having "aha" moments with Twitter pals, I found time to meet-up with slicer friends from the Two Writing Teachers' Writing Community. 

Opening Ceremony
Meet-up with Catherine Flynn, slicer, and Georgia Heard, poet
A wonderful face-to-face meet-up with Lynne Dorfman, slicer and author
Author moment with Stacey Shubitz, Chief of Operations and Lead Writer for Two Writing Teachers

As, Aileen Hower, slicer, and I walked the beautiful streets of Beacon Hill an unexpected happening occurred. Just as we were speaking of authors who could present at our literacy associations along came Paul Griffin, author and fellow New Yorker. This was a serendipitous happening that clearly made us all smile. 

Then, Aileen and I continued walking to greet the other slicers who were meeting for breakfast in an independent book store restaurant. This was a wonderful start to another great day at the International Literacy Conference where I mixed professional learning with fun and enjoyment.

Slicers enjoy time together.
Please visit the Two Writing Teachers here where the slicers above and many more 
share their slices of life at #SOL16.

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