Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Rains

Summer's been rocking with high temperatures and lightning storms making me think it is trying to get the world's attention. Well, it has as far as I'm concerned. My family and I are often seen scrambling for patio chair pads, bringing them in and returning them after summer showers. 

I laugh now thinking that I was worried about my garden in the summer heat. In contrast to the visual of dying plants, my flowers and grass seem to be thriving from the heat and rainstorms. The black-eyed susans and lavender are bursting to breathe in the heat each day and I look forward to a quick downpour to cool down the evening. My grandmother's watering can has been a useful tool and a great reminder of the beautiful rose gardens that I use to stroll through on her property.

Last Wednesday, the temperatures were high so we decided to join our friends at Long Island's historic landmark Westbury Gardens for the Summer Pops series. It did not dawn on us to bring the umbrella out from the car as we walked the short distance to the great lawn. Chairs were laid out in front of the 19th Century Mansion and food tables were set up by picnic-goers. As we met our friends and placed our specialities on the table, we all settled down to listen to the music and have an old-fashioned outdoor summer picnic. 

During the break, many in the audience strolled to the mansion's gift shop and on to the huge patio and rose garden. Fireflies were blinking here and there and all seemed to be the perfect setting for a lovely summer evening stroll until...

the rains started to come down. Puzzled by what to do without an umbrella, I decided we should exit the mansion's gift shop and make a beeline to the porch area. I knew there was a huge tree that would become our umbrella. When we got to the tree it seemed so exciting to be on the majestic grounds in a rainstorm. I recalled the Great Gatsby and imagined the lawn filled with people all enjoying summertime. Since it continued to rain, many just sat admiring the grounds and the warm rain. Capturing the rainstorm settling on the historic site afforded me the opportunity to be creative

and so the night continued with the band singing in the rain until the rains passed. 


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