Saturday, November 12, 2016

Color My World With Gratitude

There is much to be grateful for in life but how many times 
do we take a step back and ponder this? 

During struggleslife takes a turn and we often lose sight of the road that frames our journey. We become enmeshed in a dark web, trying to break through threads to find our way out. We lose sight of the positives and simply forget to step back to see the colors of life coming through the tangled mess. 

Now, as Thanksgiving approaches, is the right time to pause, reflect, and be grateful for the struggles of life. Now is the time to put a positive spin on the struggles and note them as being productive ones. Now is the time to join families and friends, to come together, untethered by life's messy happenings. What if we sit at a table of thanksgiving not to reiterate the struggles, but celebrate unity, connectedness, joy, and positivity to clearly see the colors? 

In education, we call the tangled mess, the productive struggle. We help students understand that struggle is a step on the road to discovery. We support them in the journey by offering resources to help them become resilient to negativity and ardent about transversing the road onward. We discuss the detours, we guide their path, and we put on rose-colored glasses to brighten the roads ahead. 

As we approach Thanksgiving, I celebrate the idea of coloring my world with gratitude, putting aside difficulties and disappointments, so the path can be filled with clarity and hope. I celebrate a thankful, positive spirit that will guide the journey ahead.

To continue this theme, please take a few moments of your time to join my #NYEDChat co-moderators and me on Twitter this Monday night for an educational chat. The topic is thankfulness and we will center our thoughts on coloring our world with gratitude. 

Please visit Ruth Ayres and the Celebrate This Week community here to read how they celebrate the positives of their week. Being part of a community of writers who color their world with gratitude each week is a blessing. 

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