Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Place of Solace

It is at day's end that sunset magically covers earth like a blanket. Yesterday, after a busy November filled with conferences, professional development, and the Thanksgiving holiday, I went to the beach for restoration of mind and spirit. Like so many summer days past, I walked the boardwalk but this time dressed for late autumn. The chilling winds were refreshing. I felt blessed to be alone in thoughts with my family walking alongside me. 

As I sauntered down the Long Beach Boardwalk, I scanned the autumn scene. To the left I watched the changing sky exposing a hint of pink amidst the blue. The sea glistened as it calmly moved to and fro under the pastel hues. The boardwalk appeared to be expansive without the summer crowds. My family and I walked in peace, taking in life. 
Sunset Thoughts
Nature fills the boardwalk with peace in late autumn.
I come to the sea, a place of refuge and solace
to reflect at day's end and quietly remember
years of memories hidden in the sand.
Life is restored as blessings rush
with the waves to shore.
©CVarsalona, 2016

My writing colleague, Michelle H. Barnes of Today's Little Ditty has a wonderful creative challenge this month. She asked Ann Rider, executive editor at Houghton Mifflin to design a ditty challenge for November: write a poem, in any style, about a place of refuge and solace that is important to the writer. The beach is my go to place for finding peace and so I write after capturing the photo below.

I am linking this post and the above image poem to Michelle Barnes' November padlet as part of her creative challenge.

I am also offering this slice of life to Two Writing Teachers for today is Slice of Life Tuesday

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